MyBic AJAX 0.3 released with EASY FORMS & Debug!

March 4, 2006

My-Bic Ajax Framework hits 1500 downloads in its first week! - DOWNLOAD

My-Bic 0.3 was released today adding two major features...
Submitting forms with ajax used to be a pain, you had to create your own query strings and send it to the server... no longer with My-Bic. Watch how easy sending a form with 20, 30, 40, 50 or more fields is:

  2. var formVars = ajaxObj.getForm('yourFormID');

That is it my friend! Just pass in a formID and My-Bic will loop through your form and create a query string for you! It supports text, textarea, checkboxes, radios, single select, multiselect, hiddens, arrays, and passwords! To PHP it will look the same as any other form variable submitted to your website. Check the demo

You can now set ajaxObj.debug=1; and you'll get a moveable floating div that will give you the request/response from your ajax calls to help debug


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  1. sisco says:
    March 9, 2006 @ 10:44 — Reply

    This is a beautiful work! Thanks! and let's go more! Since this moment, I'm a fan for this project for easy and fast.

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