The End of alert() - MyBic 0.6.2 AJAX Released

April 4, 2006

Greetings fellow developers, some exciting stuff going on in the MyBic AJAX/PHP world...

1. MyBic is now on sourceforge. will still be up to date however on sourceforge you can submit bugs, write in the MyBic forums, checkout the Source, etc.

2. Version 0.6.2 improved debugging immensely. You can now tap into the MyBic print debugger and have all the output going to the same place on your screen as expandable lablels. Checkout a demo of the new look!

The best part is you can reuse this in your own scripts so you don't have to use the alert() function anylonger. Imagine being able to tell a user "OK when you load the page you'll see a debug link, click that and tell me what you see?"

Remote debugging! You'll be able to show debug info to special users that might be having problems on their browsers that you can't see.



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