MyBic AJAX/PHP framework in top 1% of SourceForge projects in 4 days!

April 10, 2006

I'm happy to say the My-Bic AJAX/PHP framework has been well accepted by the SourceForge community. Of 117,000+ projects on SourceForge MyBic has jumped to #1000 in just 4 days and is climbing each day. The new features of My-Bic have made it a top contender for ajax enabled php applications. Development continues on the project to further support the needs of the casual developer's home page as well as the enterprise needs of a full web-based desktop application.

Top Features of My-Bic in the current 0.6 release:
1. Only 3 files - simplicity and ease of learning
2. EasyForms. Submit all your form variables with one line of code
3. Submission Queue - By default all requests are kept in sync with each other, no overwriting if the user clicks twice
4. Network Down - Built-in handling for getting 404 errors, network down, etc issues. Allows you to even define your own handler!
5. 2 lines of javascript to ajaxify your web app
6. Doesn't try to mash php and javascript together in a confusing mess
7. The only framework to have visual debugging built in, also allows all your other scripts to use it as well!
8. JSON client / server support. - Send JSON from the browser, get it back from the server
9. Supports XML, TEXT, JSON by default




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