South Carolina Real Estate

The confederate flag will no longer fly in South Carolina. Symbol of racism for many people, this flag was removed almost three weeks after the massacre in a church frequented by blacks. This was a new day for South Carolina, a day that we must all be proud of, a day that brings us all together as we continue to recover from the Charleston massacre. After the Senate, the State House of Representatives voted by a very large majority of 94 votes to 20 in favor of the withdrawal. Two thirds of the votes were needed to ratify the measure.

The decision, already adopted by the Senate of South Carolina by 37 votes against 3, had to be transmitted to the governor of the state, Nikki Haley, who is favorable. Elected Republican Jenny Horne delivered an emotionally charged speech calling for the removal of this “symbol of hate”. We cannot believe we will not have the heart in this assembly to do something meaningful, and to remove this symbol of hate on Friday. The flag belongs to the museum.

Once removed, the flag has been displayed in a museum, precisely to present the history of the historic south of the United States. President Barack Obama, whose massacre had provoked anger, had himself said in the wake of the killing that the flag belongs to the museum. The flag should quickly no longer fly in front of the local parliament, but there are still unresolved problems on the issue of racism and inequality in South Carolina. Many local parliamentarians also welcomed the outcome of the vote.

It took a long time to come, but we always felt that this day would come according to some members of the House of Representatives and African-American. Among the victims were pastor and local senator Clementa Pinckney, to whom his colleagues paid tribute in welcoming his widow. His desk had been covered with a black sheet during the two days of debate. The few opponents to the removal of the flag had attempted a barrage of honor in the Senate by evoking, before the vote, the history of the South.

Housing Market in South Carolina

It’s official, and it’s been like this for years: Charleston, South Carolina has been voted the best city in the world by Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards. It must be said that the small town by the sea accumulates many advantages: varied architecture, impressive colonial heritage, Antebellum houses, churches, historic plantations, beaches, etc. Charleston combines the good life, the authentic charm with the variety of shops and typical restaurants. The city with a dark past is now shining in South Carolina.

It is paradoxically Charleston’s eventful past that gives it even more appeal and charm today. Indeed, it was thanks to the very severe property laws passed after the Civil War that protected the beautiful mansions of several floors and the historic residences from destruction. Thus, along its cobbled streets, the city of Charleston has an astonishing variety of architectural styles and materials for building houses that give a unique result. Sometimes colonial mansions that we see in Louisiana, sometimes pastel houses like in Key West, they are also in Antebellum style (pre-war for those who have forgotten their Latin) with their pretty white balustrades and their brick walls.

The most remarkable street is Meeting Street because it concentrates historic houses like the Calhoun Mansion, the largest in the whole city. Besides, you can take a guided tour to better understand its history. Originally built for a wealthy businessman who was later ruined, the house was later bought by an art lawyer (also very wealthy). The exterior is immaculate and plush, and once inside, you can see many colors.

A little further, the Nathaniel Russell House imposes with its neoclassical style. the 3-storey red brick building has been a historic monument since 1973. The owner at the time, Mr. Russell, had it built to house his small family … and his 18 slaves.

There is a small French Quarter in Charleston, nestled in the heart of the Old City. Created in the 17th century by the Huguenots who left France after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, the district is easily.

Another interesting city in South Carolina worth visting is Columbia, which is the capital city of the State. This city is particularly clean as the local government emphasizes waste management and recycling best practices. Columbia roll-off dumpsters are used to clean out any property or business that needs to remove large quantity of junk and garbage. Local landfills are maintained optimally by separating the different type of materials and reusing what can be.

Signs That You Have A Bad Real Estate Agent

It is unfortunate that some real estate sellers and buyers get saddled with an agent who lacks skills, comes off busy and arrogant. There are also agents who would coerce you to purchase a property for the sole reason of receiving their commission.

Ultimately, buyers and sellers rely on real estate agents to ensure that they get the best value there is. However, some clients end up losing more money or overspending on properties due to neglectful agents.

To avoid problematic agents like these, here are some of the signs of a bad real estate agent.

The agent is unresponsive.

While you should not expect your real estate agent to be on call 24/7, you should get some response from your texts and voicemails in a timely fashion. Keep in mind that you are possibly not the only client of your agent. So you can expect a call back between 9 AM to 5 PM the next day. If you do not hear back from them, you can send a text message reminding your agent about your inquiry.

The agent doesn’t listen.

You can immediately tell when an agent has excellent listening skills when they allow you to speak your mind and prevent themselves from interrupting while you speak. But when the agent starts to cut you off while you are trying to make a point, you need to reassess your agent’s character and if he or she is genuinely looking out for your investments.

The agent pushes you to sell or purchase a property.

Kale Realty brokers make sure that they stay updated with the latest trends in the real estate market. When you plan to invest, you also need to acquire as much knowledge as you can. That way, you and your agent can get on the same page when deciding whether or not it is the best time to buy or sell. Avoid any agent that does not take the time to update or refresh themselves with new information.

The agent is inexperienced.

Ask for the resume of your agent or the listings they have handles. Check reviews and testimonials about them and assess whether the reviews are enough for you to hire them. Finding a full-time agent is essential because compared to part-timers, they can allow more time to find the properties their clients want.

The agent is unprofessional.

An agent can appear unprofessional for a number of reasons. The agent should only show you properties that are ready to use and not something in the middle of a kitchen renovation or landscaping redesign. You are not supposed to see a lot of junk and waste materials in fron of the door when you visit the place. If you see people filling up a rented roll-off container, then it was maybe too early to visit that location.

Disorganized, showing up late, missing appointments and providing the wrong information are characteristics of an unprofessional real estate agent. If you find that you are working more closely with the agent’s assistant, it’s time to ditch him or her. It is the responsibility of the agent to lay out the expectations of their clients clearly.

If your agent possesses these characteristics above, it is time to replace them with someone else. Real estate is a serious investment, and when you do not have the right professional assisting you with the process, then all the money you used and about to spend will all go down the drain.